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This page is a list of the Top Ten Equines via our website. We use unique page views to create points and publish this list on the fly. We offer advertising space on this page to social channels that actively share our content. If you would like to advertise on this page, please email Roz at mail@equinedata.co.uk

List updated on 25.4.15


> 1. Magic - ED183 - 9418 points

Magics information was recently shared quite vigourously due to a person looking for him. We were amazed at how quickly his page went viral, within days.

> 2. Sam - ED132 - 5664 points

Sam is nearly always our most popular equine on our database. Sadly, this is because he is missing, but not so sad as it shows how many times his page has been viewed and shared either on Facebook or Twitter. At time of writing he is sadly still missing. Please visit his link by clicking his picture (right) to share and make others aware.

Stolen Miniature Pony

> 3. Boo - ED89 - 963 points

Boo is also popular on our website due to being stolen on loan. Click on the image to the right to share and make others aware.

4. Buddy - ED204 - 411 points

Buddy is famous for being stolen, then found in a garden 10 miles away before being set loose in a field. He was then caught by his owner and a Lincolnshire Police Officer. Thank you to everyone for sharing his info, including some of the UK's top riders! Happy he is home.

5. Simon - ED133 - 199 points

Simon is a horse that we registered as part of a support service we give to Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming. This horse had particularly good movement and as a result, his page was viewed many times! He has now been rehomed and we are waiting to hear from his new owners. They can update his photo and description for free.

6. Peter - ED3 - 168 points

The lovely Peter, who is one of Equine Data's pin up boys - also plays a vital role in showing us all what a VIP profile can look like. By clicking on his picture to the right - you can then click on 'Enhanced Profile Available'. It is password protected, but you can use the following to view his page:

username: demo password: password


> 7. Rio - ED181 - 164 points

This geldings profile states he is an attention seeker! Is that how he managed to get in our top ten?

8. Bob - ED180 - 163 points

Racehorse for rehoming - now rehomed. Art Dzeko. Rehomed by Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming.

9. Barney - ED1 - 137 points

It doesn't suprise us in the least that this profile has been viewed many times!

Probably because he was the first equine registered.

Barney is also a pin up boy for Equine Data and to meet him, well you would just fall in love with him.

Read all about him by clicking his picture.

10. Fred - ED2 - 126 points

Fred is our main pin up boy for Equine Data - mainly because he is very photogenic.




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