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1. How do we contact you? You can telephone 01400 273992. Email mail@equinedata.co.uk or write to us at Equine Data, Dollywood, Brant Road, Fulbeck Lowfields, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 3JD.

2. How safe is your database? Our database is very safe and kept offline. Access is very restricted. We operate and process data in accordance with the data protection principles stipulated by the Data Protection Act.

3. How do we register our horses? Click here to add your equines details to our system.

4. How do we update our details? When you register, you receive a certificate by email. Instructions on how to update your details are listed on the certificate.

5. What sort of image is best for my horses profile? A head shot, clearly showing the equine's head and neck is preferable, although any image that is clear and can identify the equine is best.

6. Are you the new NED? We could become a replacement for NED. We are relying on horse owners to know about Equine Data and add their details to our new database. Whilst we are certainly not a legal requirement we hope enough people will come on board with us to make this something useful and worthwhile for a number of different reasons. We are definitely here to stay and this is a long term project.

7. Are there any security checks or proof of ownership req or can some one just type my horses number in and get all her info? Only by the ED number which is unique to us is published online and therefore accessible. The DB is held offline. Therefore your contact information and horse passport number is not available to search. As an example of the information available to view online for all and sundry to see, please look at this profile. We recently added microchip numbers to the online profiles, if you provide them during registration as there is no central place to search for them. We hope this will help in the event of your horse going missing, or is found and needs to be identified.

8. Are we certain this isn't just a database listing your horses so thieves know where to find what they want? One thing we do not list (or ask at present) is where your horses are, only owner contact information IE a phone number and email address.

9. Is your system encrypted? It is yes, but more importantly the actual database is NOT online. The web profiles are created 'by hand' and so what you see on a web profile is what is online, there is nothing hidden from that page that is kept online.

10. On reading more about it and viewing an online profile I think this system could be open to abuse. I don't want my pony's details available to all and sundry on the web. The same could apply to classified ad sites where more often than not exact location info is available. In the future there will be an option to register but not have the profile online.

11. Why is the profile online? Your horse will receive a certificate when registered, that contains a QR (Quick Response) code. We ask you to keep the certificate with the horses passport. This code can be scanned by our app for quick identification. This in the future could help in a number of ways.


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When you register your equine you get a certificate to keep with their passport and a web page to tell the world all about them. Useful for keeping in touch after selling or as a memorial to old equine friends.

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