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Our mission is to build a sustainable UK Equine Database with each equine identified by a profile visible to the world, online. We are asking all UK horse owners to register their equines information.

This website has an expanding catalogue of UK equine profiles which is growing daily. A sample profile can be found here.

Personal data, such as passport numbers and your personal details are stored offline, with relevant information produced into a web page, complete with an identifying photograph of your equine. There is no location information held online or on our offline database - unless requested by the owners. Microchip numbers now feature as part of the online profile so that in the event of a horse going missing, the Police, Horsewatch and Charities can quickly see and search for a match - as easy as Googling for a local business.

Why register? For those of us selling horses, this is an easy way to keep in touch for years to come. As each equine has it's own profile online - this is easily accessible for reporting an equine as stolen. You can search through the list of equines currently registered to find out some history or indeed create a lasting memorial page for an old equine friend. The database will be of value to the many equine welfare charities in the UK as well as the Police and Horsewatch.

We will keep you posted as to how we are doing by email, on our Facebook page and via our Twitter account. Please help support our idea by adding your equine.

We are currently updating our privacy policy but are committed to keeping your data safe and processing it in accordance with UK Data Protection Law.

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Registration is FREE

why register?

When you register your equine you get a certificate to keep with their passport and a web page to tell the world all about them. Useful for keeping in touch after selling or as a memorial to old equine friends.

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